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Should I ring if my child is ill?

Yes please! We do plan for your child, and we care about the children. Also we may sometimes need to inform other parents if it is something contagious. Our telephone number is 07765837723 if we don't hear from you we will ring you

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Why is there nothing in my child’s tray today?

Although being creative is important, it is a small part of a large range of learning experiences. Your child may have chosen to play a game, learn a new physical skill or socialise with others, which is equally as important to their learning as drawing or painting.

Are they Safe?

You can be confident your child will be safe because the early year’s foundation stage has safeguards to help ensure every child has a positive experience, surrounded by people who care about them.

Staff are deployed to ensure that the children are as safe as possible

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What can I be doing at home to help my child?

Parents are their children’s first educators and understand their children better than anyone else, but we from time to time are asked for guidance, or suggestions. We are ready and willing to give any advice we can. But have fun, talk to your child, play with your child.  Cast your mind back to when you were young and what you enjoyed doing, you will probably find that your child will enjoy a similar thing.

I am leaving my child upset will he/she be ok?

Absolutely! We will do our best to settle and comfort your child and we will ring you once they have settled. If they are really distressed and cannot be settled or they are ill, we will call you and ask you to come back.  We would not let a child suffer in any way.

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What do I need to provide my child with for nursery?

When they first join us a little bag with comfort items in and a change of clothes/nappy if they are not yet potty trained is always handy. A sun hat in warm weather. Coat, hat, gloves and scarf when cold or rainy as we do still tend to go outside, even for a little while, in bad weather.

Can my child bring things in from home?

Oh yes and we would encourage this, bring favourite items or things that interest them, which we can build this on and talk about with them. If it is a precious item, we will ask your child to put it in their tray when we are not looking at it, so it does not get lost or broken.